Jing Jennifer Wu Shan5Studios
Artist: Jing Jennifer Wu

I am an artist and a computer programmer.

I love watercolor - it's free-spirited, calligraphical, subtle and bold, all at the same time. These characteristics of watercolor, to me, create a connection between Eastern and Western art forms. I am a native of Beijing, and now live and work in Seattle. Both places are home, as well as influences and inspirations. You can see them in my painting again and again; I hope you will sense the touch of both aesthetics from them.

I also like digital, typographical work and recently started exploring it. When I make art on the computer, my programmer’s instinct awakes – it is a special, dear feeling that combines two different parts of my life and it excites me to explore the combination.

Thank you for visiting.

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Contact: info@shan5studios.com